Use Air knife and Vortex Tube as ultimate cooling options

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The cost saving capacity of air knife and vortex tube have enabled these tools to be used in various sectors of the industry where instant spot cooling is a necessary prerogative. Due to its huge demand in various industries, the vortex tube is today made available in various sizes and capacities.

The many advantages of using this tool for your instant cooling requirements are that they are user friendly and very easy to use. This is because they have the capability to cool without any refrigerants and do not have any moving parts ensuring trouble free operation and requires very less maintenance. Moreover other machineries used for cooling, the vortex tube do not use electricity and helps in saving energy and costly bills. Another advantage of the vortex tube is that they are lightweight and compact and makes for easy installation. The most common place where this tool is used is environmental chambers, gas samples, machining operations, and electronic chambers.

Most of the vortex tube varieties available today are made of either Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum. Of these the latter is more popular as they are cost effective solutions that are as effective in almost all kinds of applications. And if noise is your problem area then it is to be mentioned here that today there are vortex tubes and cabinet panel cooler varieties that come with great features to keep noise levels down.

Just like the vortex tube, the air knife is also used for various purposes. Of these its capacity to offer instant spot cooling makes it a much sought after tool in various industry sectors. Today, they are used in food packaging industry, canned food and beverages, just to mention a few. The air knife is an economical as well as eco-friendly option compared to its other spot cooling counterparts. Apart from the standard varieties nowadays you can also get customized air knives that are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Use Air knife and Vortex Tube as ultimate cooling options

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This article was published on 2010/10/20